About Animal Communication
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Animal Communication

Communicating with animals is a healing process, not only for the animal; to be heard and understood, but also for the guardian; to have a greater awareness, understanding and to enjoy a deeper connection with their animal friend.

Animals love to heal us; they will quite often come into our lives just at the right time for our healing and growth and offer us their companionship and unconditional love.

Our animals love to teach us; to expand our awareness and will quite often show us reflections of what we are experiencing in our daily lives. Pets mirror us in many ways; sometimes they reflect back to us the behaviour or emotion we need to change. It maybe something in our daily lives that’s holding us back from reaching our true potential. We might think that the animal has a behaviour problem, when in reality we are the ones with it and they are just trying to show it to us.

I have known some animals to also mirror their guardian’s health issues and also by changing their behaviour, to either help heal or bring awareness of an illness or disease to their guardian.

Just like us, our companion animals have a purpose in their lives too, as it is also their soul journey during this lifetime. Sometimes it can be many purposes that they want to fulfil. It may be that they have a need to experience many homes and situations in order to fulfil this purpose.


What do you want from the animal communication reading?


• There is a health concern with your animal, but you can’t quite understand what it is.

• Do you have a rescue animal that has experienced trauma in the past? You would like to heal their past trauma by having a healing reading .

• Would you like to know whether your animal is ready to pass over, your pets final wishes and if it’s the right time to do so.

• Your pet has gone missing.

• You would like a reading with your cherished animal that has passed and you would like to receive any messages from your beloved pet to give you peace of mind.

• To work on, understand and improve difficult, confusing or challenging behaviours and situations.

• You would like to improve yours or someone else’s relationship with your animal.

• Does your animal need to be aware of any changes within its environment, i.e. a house move, new partner or a new pet moving in.

• Perhaps, you would like to re-assure your animal by making them aware that you  are leaving the animal temporarily while you go away on holiday or of any other sudden changes that may affect or unsettle your animal’s daily routine.

Lost animals


What can Animal Communication do and tell me?


Through Animal Communication I am able to translate and aide your understanding of how your animal is feeling. Whatever the situation; to give your animal a voice; to heal past traumas that your animal may have experienced and to mediate between you both.
By translating how they are feeling;

• Are they happy or sad and if so, why.

• Is your animal experiencing any pain, if so where.

• Whether, a deeper understanding is needed to find the core reason of any confusing or challenging behaviours from your animal.

• To connect with your animal; for any reasons or whereabouts, if they have gone missing.

• I am also able to deeply communicate with the animal so their wishes, whether they are final, are expressed.

  • Animals love to share their view points with us, to be heard and understood and to expand our learning and awareness, so we can be at one with them in sharing our world.



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