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Animal Healing * Animal Behaviour * Missing Pets….

What to do if you would like a reading?


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Prices start from: £40 per reading .


If you would like to book an animal communication reading and/or healing for your animal; I do not have to be in the same room as them. Readings are able to work via a photograph of your animal.

I will require a most recent photograph, with just your animal in the photo, showing at least the animal’s face and eyes clearly, (no other animals or humans in the picture please).

Along with the photo, please give the following details…..Your name, address, telephone & contact details… The animal’s name, age, sex and whether your animal is alive or has passed… Please explain your purpose for the communication and/or healing that you require for your animal. Also, please feel free to include a few questions that you may have for your animal. I will then contact you with payment and acceptance details.

Please email all the details to

As soon as I have received your payment, along with the above details, your booking becomes secure. I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk to you. Please see my testimonials page for feedback from previous clients. I can help with much more than just lost animals. You can also see feedback , along with other work I have carried out on my Facebook page.

We hold workshops in animal communication and healing, to help you improve the relationship with your pet. Please see our news page or Facebook page for upcoming events

Due to the urgency of some readings such as “Lost animals” and “Pet’s final days”; these readings are given top priority. All other readings will be completed within one month of your secured booking.


Animal and pet health issues

Please take a look at our Our Code Of Ethics & Refund Policy