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Is your animal acting strangely? Have they gone missing, or passed away?


Are you are experiencing difficulty with any of these issues? If so please feel free to contact me to discuss things.


Phone: 07500 829628


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Is It Really Possible to Communicate With Animals?


YES! Animal communication really is possible and even better, if done correctly, it is amazing how well it works!


As an Animal Communicator, I can connect with the energy of your pet and answer any questions you might have about their well-being. Whether they are still on earth or in spirit.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you have with your animals . Animals acting strangely , missing or lost pets .


animals acting strangely

Please see the below feedback from one of my clients:


“Having trained as an Animal communicator myself, I have very high expectations when getting a reading from another Animal communicator. Quite some time ago, Tracey did a reading of Spice, a horse I felt a special connection with and the reading blew me away. Not only did Tracey pick up Spice’s character and loving personality very accurately. During the reading, Tracey also provided personal details that no one else would have known about.
What really amazed me was that in her reading.

Tracey mentioned that Spice wanted me to place something purple in colour near her, in her stall, to strengthen the connection between us. Tracey sensed this was a picture or painting. A while ago, I had drawn, in purple pencil, a sketch of Spice and I, from a photo that I took of us in her stall.
Spice has recently passed away now. She was a very special animal and Tracey’s reading definitely enriched our connection. Tracey’s reading of Spice was spot on and it still gives me goose bumps!”

Aline, Lewisham, London


Please feel free to see more of my  testimonials . You can see I have helped with lost animals, animals who have passed away and animals acting strangely ( perceived behavioral issues ) amongst other things.

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