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missing pets



Tracey did a pet communication reading in March 2014 for my 14 year old cat Gingles. His companion of 14 years … a female cat called Pats had recently died. My partner had also left me and I was unwell and Gingles was becoming very difficult.
He had become very demanding, never leaving me alone and meowing all the time … sometimes for half an hour nonstop. I could not cope with his changing behaviour. I got to the point of not wanting to be around him as he was adding to my stress. Tracey suggested a reading may help understand his behaviour.
The reading was hard to hear. My cat was upset and unhappy. He knew I was ill and all he wanted to do was to help heal me. I had been preventing him from comforting me and basically rejecting him.
I took advice from Tracey, on how to change my behaviour towards him. It took a few months but the difference has been amazing. After just a few weeks he had stopped agitating and meowing.
I became seriously ill and for the next 6 months of treatment Gingles did not leave my side. He would sleep all night on the bed with me when I was sick and sleep next to me on the sofa purring loudly which was a great comfort. He was almost like a nurse. The day I woke up feeling better he stopped and went back to sleeping on his bed in the spare room. He is calm and happy again.
I don’t know what I would have done without him to be honest. We are now so close and I am so grateful that Tracey helped us.

Emma Anderson. Ely


My house cat was missing for almost a month. I contacted Tracey after 3 weeks and she told me that my cat was still alive but had become very weak. Personally, I am very cynical about these sorts of things, but I was utterly desperate and would have done anything to find my cat.
I was surprised at how much detail Tracey gave me from the reading, including the place and describing where my cat had gone – she gave me a name which turned out to be the name of the woman who phoned me to tell me her son had found my cat! I would highly recommend Tracey.

P. Shelley. West Kilbride, Scotland

“Our Cat went missing. After several days of searching and having no luck we contacted Tracey. It was very unlike him as he is an indoor cat and rarely goes out. We gave Tracey a picture of him. The information she gave us was remarkable. Tracey told us that he was still alive but had lost his direction home. During the communication, he gave Tracey a picture of where he was and what he could see. Tracey was able to relay this back to us. We recognised the place as Tracey described it.

Unfortunately, this place had prohibited access (it was a military base) and so during a second reading with him, Tracey was able to let him know that we would be calling his name very loudly, (as near as we could get to the place), later that evening and for him to stay where he was and not wander any further, to listen out for our calls, so that he could get his bearings for the direction of home. We did this, calling his name, loudly for quite a while. It was around 2 hours after we got home that evening that he returned home. So very pleased, Tracey’s information was spot on”.

Mr & Mrs C. Waterbeach

“My cat, Su, went missing after a week at our new house. I contacted Tracey to see if she could connect with Su to see how and where she was. Tracey read Su very well and described her personality perfectly and told me that Su was still alive.
Having connected with Su a few times, Tracey found out that Su was offended and was refusing to come home because my sister had locked her out for a long time while she was minding Su. Tracey also offered healing to Su during their communications. Tracey asked if my sister could try to connect with Su (and explained what my sister had to do) to say “Sorry”. My sister did this and later that evening Su came back home. I have no doubt, that both Tracey’s communication and healing with Su was the catalyst to getting her home.”

T Dowling. Potters Bar, Herts


“I was a bit sceptical of the communication process but was running out of ideas. When I received the reading I was shocked, but very pleased, it all made sense and was unbelievably accurate. Still to this day I’m not too sure as to how it all works but as long as I now understand what the problem is with my beloved Doberman I am more than happy to accept it as a saving grace.

It has been wonderful for both the Dobie and I, she is back to her normal self, thank goodness, and I now can use the right medication to alleviate her problems. I am so thankful to Tracey for offering to do the communication and would recommend it to anyone who knows there is something not quite right with their dog and just can’t put their finger on it. It saves a lot of time visiting the vets and possibly putting your dog on medication that isn’t always the right medication. Vets are very good but do try communication just in case there is something they are missing”.

Mrs W. Coveney

I contacted Tracey for a reading and for healing for my 15 year old Westie, Bobby. He had been suffering with what the vets called “the Westie skin problem”. He had been treated by 2 different vets with expensive medication over the last 4 years to cure this distressing problem. But, neither of the vets had established the root cause of his problem. By this time Bobby was losing more hair and becoming very distressed.
Tracey did a reading with Bobby, she told me that I needed to seek further veterinary advice and that Bobby needs to be tested for Mites. This I did, consulting a third vet and after further tests and a biopsy, a Mite problem was indeed diagnosed.

Bobby was then given the correct medication to treat his problem. Alongside this treatment, Tracey also gave him healing which, I know gave him an enormous amount of strength to help him through. I am so happy to say that Bobby is well again.
If only I had contacted Tracey sooner, it would have saved not only the expense, but also the suffering and the side effects that Bobby went through for so long, from being on the wrong medication.

Mrs W, Cambridge


“We couldn’t deal with the hurt of losing Lamby and it was one of the hardest things we have been through but knowing an animal communicator, made this awful time so much easier and was a great help in the grieving and dealing with Lamby’s death. The fact that he always had Tracey to talk to and he could tell her how he felt was a great comfort to us. Tracey helped with his transition and reassured us he was now happy and pain free. We have had a couple of messages from him since he left us and each time when Tracey passes them on, they make perfect sense and never fail to amaze us. How truly talented this lady is and how lucky we are to have her in our lives”.

M & K. Aldreth


“Tracey clearly has a great affinity with animals & cares about them. My dog is calmer & more welcoming when we return home. My dog is more relaxed and has built up trust, particularly in Tracey (she is family!). I feel reassured that Tracey understands individual dog’s needs”.

Mrs R. Ely


“Excellent service and Tracey is an absolutely wonderful Therapist. I was a little sceptical about the treatment as I had never heard of it. But it’s the best thing we have ever done for our dog. He is much happier, more settled and better behaved since his therapy”.
Mr & Mrs P. Cambridge


“Tracey did a reading for our cat that had passed away, quite some time ago. There was only one thing that I could not understand, but everything else in the reading was 100% accurate and this has finally put my mind at rest”.

Mrs I. Haddenham


Having trained as an Animal communicator myself, I have very high expectations when getting a reading from another Animal communicator. Quite some time ago, Tracey did a reading of Spice, a horse I felt a special connection with and the reading blew me away. Not only did Tracey pick up Spice’s character and loving personality very accurately. During the reading, Tracey also provided personal details that no one else would have known about.
What really amazed me was that in her reading.

Tracey mentioned that Spice wanted me to place something purple in colour near her, in her stall, to strengthen the connection between us. Tracey sensed this was a picture or painting. A while ago, I had drawn, in purple pencil, a sketch of Spice and I, from a photo that I took of us in her stall.
Spice has recently passed away now. She was a very special animal and Tracey’s reading definitely enriched our connection. Tracey’s reading of Spice was spot on and it still gives me goose bumps!

Aline, Lewisham, London